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We pride ourselves in providing high-quality domain brokering services that help our clients secure the perfect domain for their brand.

About Us

Here at Podr, our role and first priority lies in representing our clients. We undertake a number of challenging engagements on their behalf, seeking the best deal for them.

In addition to this, we handle the negotiations and oversee the transaction by using the most secure method; As a result ensuring the expectations of our clients are met and standards are upheld.

The Benefits Of Owning A Premium Domain

Owning the best domain name for a business or an individual, is the most important long term asset they can possibly own, which has numerous benefits, such as:

Being able to set up a Global Company, that carries your brand name and gives you the ability to market, promote and sell all your products or services worldwide.

Expand Your Market Share as a result and Increase Revenue

Gaining a strong business category associations, subsequently allowing your customers and partners to easily recall your domain and locate your site.

Higher ranking (SEO) in Google & other search engines

Credibility: Dot com has the highest recall of all domain extensions. Almost anyone familiar with the web relates to a “dot com”.

Resale value: You may not be buying a domain name to sell it. But if you were to ever consider selling your domain name in the future, a Premium Domain is most likely to fetch you the best price.

Our Services

We offer Services both for Sellers of Premium Domains and Buyers looking to acquire their perfect domain.

For domain owners looking to sell their domains: We undertake a number of tasks to secure the sale of their domain. From reaching out to our partners and private individuals, through our resources and connections, to relentlessly pursuing every opportunity. As well as handling all the negotiations, and not ceasing our efforts up until our objectives is achieved.


Likewise for our buyers looking to acquire their perfect domain for their businesses or clients; We undertake the task of confidentially inquiring about the domain, negotiating a price that’s within our client’s budget and eventually securing the domain on their behalf.

Commission fees and Process of Transaction

There are no payable fees in order to start an inquiry, however there are a few conditions that must be met, all details are given once an inquiry is initiated.

To start an inquiry, simply contact us, stating the domain that’s up for sale, or the domain you are seeking to acquire. There is a 10% commission upon a successful sale/acquisition. The commission is always paid by the party that initiates the inquiry.

The transaction will be done through Escrow.com, by using Escrow.com’s Domain Concierge Service. The transaction will be set up by us:

The buyer will then wire the payment to Escrow.com. The payment is then held in a secured, non interest bearing trust at Escrow Accounts by Escrow.com.

Seller will then transfer the domain to Escrow holding account. Escrow.com will then transfer the domain to the buyer.

Once the buyer has received the domain in their registrar, the payment is then released to the seller.

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